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iPowerPlus Ipowerplus 6.5kva Key Start Generator GEN

iPowerPlus Ipowerplus 6.5kva Key Start Generator GEN


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Engine G340FD

Engine Type - Single Cylinder, 4 stroke, forced air cooling OHV

Displacement – 337cc

Oil Capacity – 1.1L

Fuel tank capacity - 25L

Fuel Consumption - Less than or equal to 374g/

Continuous work time - 9h

Rated frequency - 50Hz

Rated Voltage - 230v

Voltage regulator system - AVR

Rated Output – 4.4kva (4kw)

Max rated power – 6.5kva (4.5kw) GEN

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A high performance Mac with a long lasting battery

This is an unusually large advance over previous models, especially in raw computing power, but also in fun things like screen and headphone support.

This Amazon listing has two different processors, the M1 Pro (listed as 16-Core GPU "style") and the M1 Max (32-Core GPU).

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