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Afo Auto Fire Extinguisher Fireball  HYC
Afo Auto Fire Extinguisher Fireball  HYC

Afo Auto Fire Extinguisher Fireball HYC


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Fire extinguisher ball is the most advanced product in fire-proof industry to reduce the disaster and any irreparable loss caused by fire.

Fire extinguisher ball is light and portable, which could extinguish the initial fire. it is made of the water-proof plastic shell and filled up with harmless environmental powder (91/155EEC), all of them are conform with international environmental protection standard.


1. Light weight, only 0.5 kilograms, shape of a ball even the old and children can it easily.

2. As long as simply roll out to fire scenes or set in the places easy on fire, such as the electric case, the gas barrel, flammable chemical articles in the factory, shopping mall, gas station, hotel, or even in the car.

3. As long as been touched  for 3-5 seconds by flame reaching 70 degree c, AFO will automatically extinguish the fire effectively and rapidly.

4. You don't need to be close to fire scenes to extinguish the fire any more. AFO is made of totally harmless material to the environment and safe for users: the exploding power has been accurately calculated to be approved safe.

5. AFO, it can be always at your service to extinguish the fire and no need to do regular inspection yearly. the product life span is 5 years, and the decibel when extinguishing the fire can be a fire alarm to warn people in the fire scenes.