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Zycoo coovox T600

Zycoo coovox T600


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CooVox-T600 is a professional-grade IPPBX system specially designed for medium and large enterprises. It supports up to 600 extensions, 150 simultaneous calls, and 150 simultaneous conference attendees. The equipped large-capacity of 1TB hard disk can support and save up to 15,000 hours of call recordings. Therefore, CooVox-T600 is ideal for enterprises demanding high performance and stability of IP PBX systems. Equipped with the brand-new software 4.0system, CooVox-T600 can provide users with more convenience in application and management. Plus, improve enterprise communication efficiency, and help enhance enterprise value.

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A high performance Mac with a long lasting battery

This is an unusually large advance over previous models, especially in raw computing power, but also in fun things like screen and headphone support.

This Amazon listing has two different processors, the M1 Pro (listed as 16-Core GPU "style") and the M1 Max (32-Core GPU).

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